SAT Prep

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SAT Test Prep Class:

Our SAT prep class is designed for small class sizes with individual assessment and instruction.  We provide you with all test prep materials, instruction from teachers highly skilled and experienced in techniques used to master concepts and diagnostic exams, and detailed feedback on areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Designed in house by certified teachers who have taught SAT prep classes professionally, our course is comprehensive and aligned with the latest version of the SAT.  One class consists of 4 hours, much of that time spent PRACTICING not LECTURING.  We offer diagnostic exams at the beginning and end of the course to track progress.  Over 90% of our students have improved their scores in one more category.

 Cost: $600 for 4 sessions. (Each writing/reading and math session may be purchased individually.)

One on one tutoring is available.

Normal class size is 3-10 students.

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