Don’t feel abnormal if Algebra isn’t your thing.

I have taught high school math for 12 years(which means I have been teaching Algebra for 12 years since EVERY COURSE tends to lean back to Algebra), and I am...

Jun 9, 2013 Algebra 2 19468 Views

Summer is a great break, but studies say you lose a lot!

According to the National Summer Learning Association¬† it is estimated that students lose almost 3 months of learning during a 2.5 month break from school!¬† Don’t let your student get...

May 25, 2013 Summer Learning 1 7394 Views

Getting Ready for College


It’s junior year of high school and college is around the corner. Here’s what the Collegeboard recommends you should be doing in the month of February:

1) Begin Preparing for the...

Mar 8, 2013 College Prep 0 6198 Views

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